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The Night Ship: Over the Nation's Capitol... [20 Jan 2006|03:34pm]
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It was down near freezing in Muggle Washington, D.C., city of many facets and allegedly Masonic layout. Aircraft coming into Reagan International were quickly afflicted with fogged windows edged with ice crystals. Buses and underground light rail lines had their indoor heating on nonstop, and special vans were picking up homeless people to transport them to emergency shelters in theater auditoriums and church basements. And a Disillusioned Elizabethan two-masted ship was gliding over the White House, in highly restricted airspace.

If the Night Ship was being picked up on anyone's radar, nothing of it could be seen overhead as it blended perfectly into the foggy evening sky, even as streams of mist bounced off its sides and threatened to outline it against the clouds. Even the lanterns and floating candles in its cabins could not be detected to the naked Muggle eye.

On board were witches and spellsingers Jovana Sandansky of Macedonia, Lule Gierran of Norwegian Sapmi, and Marja Karppinen of eastern Finland. With them were two young Irish Aurors sent along by their mutual friend, Nymphadora Tonks (that's just "Tonks" to you), also Senior Auror and leader of the Irish girls' squadron at the Aurors' Office in the Ministry Wing at Hogwarts Castle. Nuala Brennan and Roisín Ní hAnluain were their names; and besides analysing the power repositories of various Muggle Government buildings, their primary duty on the Night Ship was to translate between the spellsingers and the Night Ship's captain.

Said captain, you see, was no less a person than the ghost of Irish pirate and clan chieftain Grace O'Malley, a notorious historical figure from Elizabethan times, who even now spoke not a word of English. All her speech was in a mixture of early modern Irish, Latin and Spanish; and she was in a chronic bother over Nuala and Roisín conversing mainly in the Saxon's speech, and the fact that the other witches' command of Latin was limited to the words of spells and hexes.

The Night Ship Proceeds... )

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