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The Confundus Conspiracy; or, Youngblood Circle

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Author's Note: The 2017 Situation [05 Jun 2017|05:18pm]
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So, now that we know a little about Djinn-Seekers, let us do a closer examination of their role in both the Middle East and elsewhere in the Magical World. At the same time, the Muggle U.S. government is in, shall we say, a rather oddball state, having passed into the tiny hands of a Muggle of orange countenance and ambiguously-gotten gains.

What shall we focus on now? There are several different directions needed at present; and no, I'm not giving up the story centered on Youngblood Circle...

  • The Night Ship is still afoot in Washington, D.C., with the ghost of Grace O'Malley still at the helm, paying especially close attention to the White House's accumulation of subtle energy all over the world.

  • Divination Mistress Finola Cumbow is still in Youngblood Circle, where a magical summit is being held regarding Djinn-Seekers and the intel collected on them so far. Madame Ghazala al-Halim is leading the Iraqi contingent at the summit, and is the regional expert on Djinn-Seekers and the Dark Arts associated with them. Incidentally, in case you hadn't heard, Middle Eastern witches and wizards ride flying carpets, not brooms; and their spells are in Persian, not Latin. Just an FYI.

  • Characters from the canon Harry Potter series (in the A/U of our previous RPGs) are still in evidence. Tonks has arrived at Youngblood Circle for the summit, in the company of her three OFC friends: Jovana Sandansky, Lule Gierran and Marja "Maaski" Karppinen. Harry Potter is still in his Snarry marriage, and being helped to recover his memory and magical ability through pensieve transmission of others' copied memories of him.

  • In this A/U setting, most of those who died in HBP and DH are still alive. Of course, even death does not cancel out the existence of these characters, especially for those with shamanic expertise. Canon characters interact quite freely with my original characters. In this storyline, Tonks and Remus are just friends, not spouses; Lupin and Bill Weasley are still together, while Tonks still secretly yearns for Snape. More on that later...

Anyway, I will need to outline what's up next. There is the trance prophecy that occurs at Karelia to write about, as well as the International Summit at Youngblood Circle. At the same time, we will be brainstorming on how to incorporate the current U.S. administration (*shudders*) into the story; likewise, we will delve into how Djinn-Seekers do things, besides discussing how they have infiltrated ISIS, Al Qaeda and other militant groups; and legitimate Middle Eastern and European governments simultaneously...

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OWL: Professor Catriona Putnam to Finola Cumbow, Youngblood Circle (Warded Appropriately/Standard) [05 Jun 2017|05:52pm]
Finola, hon:

How the heck are you doing this fine evening? I don't need to ask if you got to the Circle safely; you wouldn't have bothered going if you didn't think the coast was clear. I'd love to be there too; but we'll be having Finals week down here, plus the NEWTS prep; and you know how all that goes. Hatteras is always a frigging madhouse at Finals week. Didn't help that my Impatiens essence got contaminated with a pollen release (Prickly Pear, I'm pretty sure); and the whole batch had to be discarded and started over from square one. Sigh...

There's the usual toxic vibe around Murfreesboro, I'm afraid. Never mind the damn Djinn-Seekers--we've got Pureblood Supremacists by the truckload in Murfreesboro, on both sides of the portal!! Hell, since the new Muggle administration's First Lady is a Veela and an undercover Auror (as you and I both know), she ought to be down here tracking 'em along with our Southeastern Bureau people!!! Never mind the Durmstrang people slithering into the Russian government and all that!! But try not to worry too much; we've got Aurors practically ghosting the sons of bitches. The Aurors will even out the Purebloods to the Muggle Nazis, if necessary.

Anyway--hope all goes well. I've got the updates coming on the MagiVid, so I'm watching y'all. Love to Jovana, Marja and all them...

Catriona "Cumberland Kate" Putnam
Professor of Herbology
Hatteras Magical Academy
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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