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Seekers of the Djinn... [10 Apr 2013|05:41pm]
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For a Djinn-Seeker, the shadows hold too much light. They seek the power that is truly Dark, but through which they can learn to see. They seek the power of the Gloom, the power of black flame, the power it takes eight men to hold down. Among the Magical and Muggle alike, seeking the Djinn is never advised, and strongly discouraged. Why else would a Dark wizard seek to know them? And there is no need of a leader among devotees of the Djinn. Hades take the likes of Lord Voldemort, and all who would succeed him. What use are Dark Lords when you bargain for your own Djinn Alliance?

There are scorpions, asps and tarantulas aplenty where most Djinn-Seekers live. Their bite or sting is key to seeking the Djinn. There are shaded nooks, rock pits, openings in walls, and dens in garbage dumps in any small community in the Near or Middle East--or practically anywhere else in the developed or developing world. Enter the cave of a bat clan, or insert your hand in a darkened opening where you know such creatures lurk, at any time--but preferably soon after sunset. As the light darkens and melts across the western horizon, turn to the darkening east, and give yourself over to three bites or stings, wherever your seeking hand can insert itself.

Thus poisoned, rise up and dance until your legs collapse beneath you: the exact opposite of the advice of doctors, to remain still and prevent the venom from spreading. To put your mind outward to the Djinn, you want the venom spread everywhere, to the brain especially. You call to them and evoke them in this state, when your mind is in such a dark "wavelength", as some modern Seekers put it. They will come and ride you, lending you their strength and magic as they heal your poisoned blood (though not entirely).

It is in this state that a so-called "suicide-bomber" may detonate and disapparate in hundredths of a second--spilling the blood and dismembering dozens, while shedding not a drop himself. It is in this state that a Seeker may disable nearly any security code that stands between him and the political or religious figures he would kidnap or assassinate. Seekers have infiltrated both militant groups and the governments that claim to fight against them, terrorizing the Muggle masses from both corners. Seekers have already emerged victorious against Americans and British, Magical and Muggle alike. And what of it if western Witches and Wizards discover them? By day, a Seeker is like any other Wizard, minding his own affairs, in or out of Middle Eastern Magical society.

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