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On the Way Home from the Auror Division... [14 Apr 2009|06:39pm]
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Time to go, time to bloody pack for the Youngblood summit, time to owl Moody and Hermione... Tonks was packing it in for her last day at the office before apparating to Youngblood Circle. She had no intention of walking around an American tube station looking for the right closet to sneak into for the portal. But first, before the packing, and the owls, and settling Gabija into the guesthouse with her babysitter over the weekend...there was the little jaunt down to the dungeons, for more of the balancing potion. And more frustration and angst and loneliness to go with it.

There was no one present, for some reason, in Snape's laboratory when she got there, after nearly tripping over a couple of gossipy house-elves who were sweeping stairs in between chapters of their life stories. All she found on his work table was a vial of the balancing potion, with a note in his familiar calligraphy:

Miss Tonks:

Due to unforeseen family issues, I am not able to see you in person this evening. I trust that this vial is sufficient to see you through at least a week's normal dosage. Nonetheless, I strongly recommend an in-person consultation as soon as convenient upon your return.

My family and I extend our best for a successful international summit. If you haven't heard already, a bombing plot with possible Djinn-Seeker connections was recently foiled in the Muggle Northwestern United States, in Portland I believe. It appears that Djinn-Seekers and their Muggle 'jihadists' are recruiting among the American and European citizenry, as I expect you will hear in greater detail during the summit.

In any case, owl my office upon your return to arrange a consultation, and inform me of any changes in your condition re: psychic scars.

Severus Potter-Snape

Tonks pocketed both the vial and the note with a deep sigh mixing frustration and relief at not seeing the Potions Master on that particular occasion, when so much needed to be done in a short time. However, as she exited the Dungeons and started home, a strange wish kept sneaking into her consciousness: If only polyamory was more accepted in the Magical West...Holy Morgana, what am I thinking?! Well, fuck, yes...if only it was. So there!

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