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Well, We've Done It Now...!! [28 Dec 2008|07:54pm]
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Transferred the Journal of The Confundus Conspiracy over here to InsaneJournal, that is, at long last! You see, we really had no choice. GreatestJournal has pretty much bitten the Cyberdust; and since we have decided, over the course of the Winter Holidays, to continue the story, there was really no alternative to seeking out a new journal server. Besides, we have a bunch of friends and fellow fanfic writers who have already taken the IJ plunge; so we may be running into quite a few familiar faces around here.

As you know, we are using a number of the lovely J.K. Rowling's characters from the Harry Potter novels here; hence, this whole project is purely for fun; we cannot and will not make one thin sickle from any of our writings here. We haven't found out yet whether or not IJ allows us to monetize this blog with QAds. In addition to the canon HP characters, however, we have created a number of original characters whom we originally used to fill out our role in the old RPG (of which this story is the only spinoff we know about). These characters are of varied nationalities, including Iraqi, Macedonian, Saami, American and Finnish. We hope you all enjoy them, and don't think them too Mary-Sueish. Userpics will be added shortly (probably after we get home and fish them out of our laptop...LOL)

In the story itself, we last saw Jovana, Finola, Marja, Lule and Ghazala settling into their hotels at Youngblood Circle, the Magical Divsion of Washington, DC, following a flyover in the Night Ship, an Elizabethan-looking flying ship piloted by the ghost of Grace O'Malley (Gráinne Ní Mháille), who still speaks no English (hence, the Irish Aurors Roisin and Nuala had to come along to translate). They are part of an international Magical summit being convened to address the encroachments of Death Eaters into international Muggle politics, especially in the Middle East, where a Dark Magical movement known as the Djinn-Seekers (the Death Eaters of the Middle East, more or less) are gathering strength. It is believed that western Death Eaters have infiltrated both the British and American Muggle governments, seeking both power and influence in international events, while also allegedly forming alliances with Djinn-Seekers across Persia and the Arab countries. Meanwhile, back home in Scotland, Tonks, Alastor Moody, Hestia Jones and Hermione Granger-Weasley are preparing to join Jovana and friends in Youngblood Circle. Tonks, however, is suffering lasting effects of a psychic scar of a couple of years back, as well as dealing with unresolved feelings for an unattainable object of affection--not to mention the question of where she will board Gabija the ferret while she's off across the pond...

--Dupont Circle from the air; Muggle Washington, DC. The entry to Youngblood Circle is through an unused maintenance storage area in the Dupont Circle Metro station.

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