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OWL: To Senior Auror Tonks (Warded for Confidentiality) [24 Mar 2007|07:00pm]
[ mood | well-traveled ]

Madame Jovana Sandansky, Skopje Magical College.
Writing from Youngblood Circle, Magical Washington, D.C.

Tonks, my dear:

Both our group on the Night Ship, and Madame Al-Halim's Iraqi contingent, are now safely settled in here in Youngblood Circle! It's rather wet and cold here, much as it is in Scotland where you are. However, the contraband hashish Ghazala's group managed to smuggle in is quite exquisite, and nearly makes up for the weather.

Tonks, I do hope your contingent will arrive timely; much is on the table for us all to discuss. Death-Eaters have thoroughly infiltrated insurgent groups in Muggle Iraq, and they are spreading into Iran, providing magical materials as well as intelligence to warlords and Al-Qaeda higher-ups, at the same time as they are urging on the U.S. and British administrations to remain bogged down in their nightmare scenario. Meanwhile, Ghazala is quite impatient to turn the ghosts of Iraqi dead loose as a pox on both their houses, if you know what I mean.

In any case, my dear, if your contingent can arrive any earlier than Monday next, that would be splendid. But please to try to arrive on your scheduled date, at the very least. And you do have comfortable lodgings booked here, do you not; or do you need assistance with those details?

All the best, Song-Sister, and to your friends as well...


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