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OWL: to Madame Jovana Sandansky (Warded for Confidentiality) [27 Nov 2006|07:54pm]
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Madame Jovana:

Salaam Aleykhum and Blessed Be! My contingent and I have arrived safely in Youngblood Circle, through a rather circuitous route involving the New England Bureau near Hartford, Connecticut; an erroneous detour in Muggle Kansas City, Missouri; and finally, the Union Station in Muggle Washington, whence we finally were directed to the connection entry point (Dupont Circle, where all the good gay Muggle bookstores are). We are looking forward to meeting with your contingent and the British one led by the newlywed Deputy Minister, Hermione Granger-Weasley.

I trust that you have arrived at Youngblood Circle, with all your contingent, safe and sound? Please respond quickly, as soon as this owl arrives in your hand, and perhaps we can have a nice dinner. Remember, of course, that some of my party are dual-faith Magical and Muslim, and thus prefer to avoid such things as pork, alcohol and non-Kosher gelatin. Aside from that, we're all set. Needless to say, much discussion and cordial debate is to follow.

Yours most thankfully,

Ghazala Al-Halim
Chief Liaison, Iraqi Magical Contingent

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