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OOC: Enough of the Hiatus!! [20 Jun 2006|07:31pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Sorry, folks, it's been ages since the story below has been updated! But it will happen, gobfuckit!! Youngblood Circle still awaits us, as well as the introduction of Finola Cumbow, and the Iraqi Magical delegation led by one Madame Ghazala Al-Halim. And the Night Ship is still prowling all over Muggle D.C., even in restricted airspace!!

Meanwhile, here is the text of the Winter Vow Release which I and my former Winter Vow partner (and still friend/lover) used to release each other from our Winter Vow of October 2005-March 2006:

"Beloved, my friend, my partner, I release you from the vow we have shared--with no malice in my heart, but only love, respect and affection. We are released for this time as we have agreed; and I hope to bond with you again in the future. We have completed a successful Winter Vow, and we are released as agreed at dawn of this First Day of Spring. Go in peace, joy and courage; and be assured that my love and care go with you, and that I hold you in my heart now and always."

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