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OOC: Youngblood Circle' is Coming Soon!! [16 Jan 2006|03:29pm]
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Tonks here, friends. The tale of Youngblood Circle is on the way, I promise you. Our writer is getting ready for some serious international travel in the spring; but plot outlines are well underway.

Our first scene will be in the skies over Muggle D.C. in the States. The Disillusioned Night Ship is keeping an eye on the White House, the U.S. Capitol, and other repositories of way-too-much power. The power that the U.S. citizens give to their government in trust and that (if enough of them catch on shamanically) they can also take back and siphon off. Yes, you read that correctly. The power is of the people, and they can take it back.

And did I mention that Death-Eaters, with or without a designated leader, tend to be attracted to repositories of power...?

Holy fucking Morgana.

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