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The Confundus Conspiracy; or, Youngblood Circle

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The Confundus Board: A Meeting of Harry Potter Muse Entities [22 Dec 2005|03:26pm]
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A meeting of Muse Entities was recently called in the Aurors' conference room in the Hogwarts Ministry Wing. Free-agent Muse Entities were present, along with all Senior and Junior Aurors, save for the Shacklebolt Squadron, who were providing security for Quidditch World Cup tryouts a hundred kilometres south of Hogsmeade.

Minerva McGonagall, still serving as Minister for Magic, produced the Confundus Board and laid it out on the conference table for everyone's perusal. "As you can see", she pointed out, "The Board is still performing its original functions of cutting off Muse Support ties and confunding plotlines. However, new developments include the random occlusion between journals, and random confunding of relationships between Unsupported characters; both of these randomising developments are set to reload every eighteen to thirty hours. The time interval, of course, also changes at random."

The Weasley twins separated and went to eye the Board from opposite sides of the table. "Blimey", Fred breathed. "It looks like an Ouija board with clothespegs." Indeed, this wooden creation did have a rather arcane appearance. It was rectangular in shape, but the functional part was contained within a circle which took up most of the Board's space. Esoteric symbols associated with Eris Discordia, the classical Goddess of discord and confusion, lined the circle's perimeter.

Two circles formed by pegs with small side handles lay within the circled space. The inner circle consisted of some twenty pegs, connected not only by the perfect circle shape they formed, but also by the bonds of strings stretched among them. Outside this circle was a broader, more sparsely formed circle of nine or ten pegs whose string bonds kept separating and reconnecting elsewhere; their former ties to the inner circle's pegs had all been severed. At random time intervals, a kind of muddling happened in the very centre of the circle, and ties among the inner pegs became confused, twisted and raveled, seemingly at random. "Crumbs. Just imagine taking bets on how the thing would muck itself up next", George Weasley mused from his end of the table.

"Right then", Tonks slipped in next to Fred. "Has anyone noted the effects this thing is having?"

"Oh, my spies are everywhere, not to worry", laughed her colleague and fellow Senior Auror, Hestia Jones. "And there is plenty of confusion to be seen and heard in our old arena, you can bet good money on that."

"So, are there any questions from anyone, on the Board itself, or on other actions taken by our fellow Muse Entities?" McGonagall inquired from the head of the table. "If not, now is the time to take stock of yourselves and your fellow Muses in this realm. Christmas Week is a holiday, both for Hogwarts students and staff, and for all Ministry staff and officials. After that, however, it will be high time to begin our work investigating the current political situation in the Muggle world, and for Tonks, Alastor Moody and several more of our friends and colleagues to set out for Youngblood Circle in magical Washington, D.C. Karmic justice must be done, and the time has come for Muggle politicians to be haunted by the ghosts of their past wrongdoings--both literally, and figuratively."

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