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And now, a word from Wizarding Britain's Deputy Minister in Exile... [14 Dec 2005|03:14pm]
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Hello once again! I am Deputy Minister Hermione Granger-Weasley, the Muse of hermionedhr, formerly of the RPG Dark Hope Rising, now known as new_hope. This is the first I've surfaced since Ron and I tied the knot and headed off across the lake for our honeymoon on the west coast of the Black Sea (which is truly spectacular this time of year). I've been in exile (in my own hometown!), along with Tonks of tonks_dhr and our shared writer ever since then. Thank Merlin we finally have a new haven in which to express ourselves and come up with new stories! By the way, never mind Tonks' remark below about us roleplaying Madonna and Shakira; neither of us is exactly pop-star material.

Here is what happened at the wedding after our writer was ousted: Ron and I didn't find out until after the fact that Harry's son was kidnapped during the ceremony. For some reason, we were deliberately kept in the dark about this, though we certainly would have been deeply concerned about this had we known. We and the three spellsingers were shunted off to the boat and returned to our guesthouse across the lake well after midnight, the three ladies singing once again in Macedonian, or the Finnish Saami dialect, or some such; I couldn't understand a word of it in any case. It was lively and melodic, and had a rhythm pattern well outside our usual Western 4/4 time signature. Then, not long after we set off, our Aurors' Honour Guard came to the edge of the lake, bowed to the guests, and took off on their brooms one at a time, in a hard-right ceremonial formation. All the prior details of the ceremony can be found here. I certainly hope everything has turned out all right for everyone back at the larger story. Our writer posted my wedding vows at the hermionedhr User Info page. I still have no idea what became of Ron's.

Anyway, believe it or not, I survived being married! I'm not sure I ever felt that stressed even during the Second War! And now, since the remaining Muse Entities of our former RPG have also decided to be free agents, new challenges lie ahead. Don't they always? Not only is there the Confundus Board to monitor (more on that later); we are faced with a major investigation of rumoured Death-Eater influence in Muggle Middle Eastern politics, as well as the alleged effects of Unsettled Blood in that region's combat zones! Besides all that, the word is that much of our next story will take place in Washington, D.C., in the Magical zone known as Youngblood Circle. Youngblood Circle is sort of Washington's answer to Diagon Alley in London; and, it is said, accessed through a secret portal in one of their underground train stations. So stay tuned, and look out for thousands of Iraqi ghosts (of war dead) converging on the American seats of power! Hagrid likes to say, I really should not have mentioned that...

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