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Villains! Dissemble no more! [12 Dec 2005|03:01pm]
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[ music | Mothers, Daughters, Wives - by Judy Small ]

All right, Edgar Allen Poe said that, not I. But he has a point there. May as well come out into the open about the real purpose of this journal (well, one of them, anyway): we, tonks_dhr and hermionedhr are two HP Muse Entities in exile, along with the Muggle shaman/writer/ roleplayer/folksinger, virgofolkie, who was roleplaying us for a number of months in this waning year!

This is Tonks, or tonks_dhr speaking. Wotcher to all watchers! Since we are now free agents in exile, we need a new place to hang out and come up with new stories, together with other characters not used in our former RPG gig. For example, we've considered becoming online roleplayers ourselves, playing Madonna on the verge of seducing Shakira. Or not. Femslash Bonding Ceremonies, anyone? Personally, I've been so sex-starved during the many months of playing Wizarding Britain's most colourful bloody spinster (Oh woe! To think, a pink-haired punk witch languishing alone, in a remodeled Irish cottage in Hogsmeade, Scotland, with no one but my ferret, Gabija, for company! It sucks to be me! All right now, enough of that...) that I've been seducing every fellow Harry Potter Muse Entity I can get my grubby little mitts on! Except current Death-Eaters, of course. And by the way, I think my Mum, Jo Rowling, wrote me completely wrong in HBP. I believe she got me crossed with Moaning Myrtle.

Anyhow! Even though our writer is still sort of grieving the loss of her roleplaying gig, she seems to be recovering well. We, the underused women of the Potterverse (and some of the blokes as well) are giving her lots of love and support, and the lot of us are putting our heads together for new fanfic ideas, erotic and otherwise. There are some great ideas being tossed about now, combining our fandom with contemporary politics, music, activism and Goddess spirituality. Our Auror Division are networking with our European counterparts to unmask Death-Eaters infiltrating Muggle terrorist groups as well as the U.S. and British military. We are also investigating the alleged U.S. torture sites in Europe and their possible Dark Wizarding connections. Among other things--including classified things involving siphoning psychic power away from corrupt government ministries and arranging the haunting of politicians by Middle Eastern war dead. And don't forget the even-more-esoteric Songspell activities, courtesy of the Finland-based Karelia Songspell Collective!

More of all of the above later...not to mention more animated icons...

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